Amin Gharbi

Amin Gharbi is a management consultant based in Tunis.

In 2017, Amin started doing consultancy missions in grant-writing, monitoring, and evaluation for local, national, and international NGOs. Working in this field helped raise his sensitivity for aspects such as cultural challenges, social impact, and human rights.

In 2016, he joined INTERFERENCE, the international light art project in the Medina of Tunis. From the beginning, he was part of the core team featuring audience care and art mediation of the public art project. In his participation in INTERFERENCE 2016 and SEE DJERBA 2017, he recruited, coordinated, and trained volunteers as artists’ accomplices and art mediators. In 2018, he became part of the INTERFERENCE Curatorial Collective and headed, jointly Hèla Doghri, a studio (i.e. a subpart of the exhibition program) titled CANDELA. Both continued in 2019 as a team, heading the curatorial studio TUMULT at SEE DJERBA, the international media art biennial, home in Houmt Souk (tn). In 2020, he became a fellow of the TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS.


2020 – 2021 | | TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS | Certificate of Excellence
2017 – 2019 | | High Institute of Management | Master degree
2011 – 2015 | | High Institute of Accounting and Business Management | Bachelor degree


Marwa Fehri

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