Arij Bouchami

Arij does often question life and the point out of it. But usually, she comforts herself with one simple response: “If there is no point out of life, I can always create one”. Those she created throughout her humble journey of existence were infinite, she forgot most of them. However, they kept her going. Isn’t it the way humanity got liberated from Plato’s theory of knowledge? We’re not looking for an absolute divine truth anymore; we’re in a constant process of creating a progressive truth-seeking for perfection that we’ll never actually reach, and that’s the same historical line art went through, from a practice imitating a real reference to a practice we use to express the mayhem of emotions going inside and the interference of dilemmas we’re facing.

That’s why Arij is fascinated by art and human existence regardless of how mysterious they are. In fact, she is a first-year visual art major at Tunis Institute of Fine Arts and a cinema enthusiast. Life is her muse with its good, bad, and everything in between. She speaks loud through every artistic work she does to raise awareness of the injustice we might be silent about, the unconscious mischief we’re treating mother nature with, and the blind eye we’re probably turning to our unfulfilled potentials. Through art, she addresses others and herself to give rise to a speech and it’s her favorite aspect of contemporary art, the speech around the artwork is as important as the artwork, since it emphasizes how interesting the difference between visions can get, the reason that’s making her aspire the mission of an art mediator, trying to look through the artist’s eyes and getting to discover the audience wide range of comments and visions.


2001 |

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