Camila Mejia

Camila Mejia is a Colombian designer currently living in Bremen(de).

She works with light and space, sound composition, and digital edition. Recently, Camila has finished her bachelor’s program at the University of Arts Bremen, where she took part in different lines of design-oriented studies that allowed her to incorporate several forms of media and provided her with an environment to develop her own artistic visual language.

Through her study, she enrolled in a new medium and realized the potential of animation and stop motion. She also works with different mediums including painting, sculpting, photography, filmmaking, storytelling, character development, setting, and props building.
Camila’s goal is to produce special atmospheres and moods through color, light, and movement not just on the screen but outside of it. As well as bridging between analog and digital media through computer editions to experiment with unique compositions.

Selected as YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM emerging light-based media artist, the Colombian designer works to grow as an artist by exploring the fields of video projection and art light installations.

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