City Theater

Inaugurated in 1902, the city theater stands on the avenue Habib Bourguiba with its splendid Italian architecture designed by French architect Resplandy and decorated by the sculptor and decorator Belloc following the Art Nouveau movement.

The architecture privileges harmonious curvatures and features sceneries of fauna and flora on its majestic facade. it also features Apollo surrounded by his muses.

Often referred to as “La Bonbonnière” for its curved form, this concert hall was built to host opera shows thanks to its acoustic design.

The theater has hosted various Tunisian and foreign stars and artists who have given memorable concerts. Among these figures we site: Habiba Msika, Saliha, Fadhila Khetmi, Ali Riahi, Ali Ben Ayed, Youssef Wahbi, Zaki Tuleyemet , Farid El Atrach, dancer Samira Gamel as well as the French Sarah Bernhard, Louis Jouvet, Gérard Philipe, Jean Marais,and Pierre Brasseur.

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