Cyrine Bettaleb Ali

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali is a Marketing research student and Marketing manager of an online gallery, making her first steps in curatorial practices. She is based in Tunis.
She is influenced by the culture of her region and history. This makes Cyrine look always for what is behind the things she says, because she does believe that this is a big part of the actual representation of things. Trying to be part of the bridge between the eastern and western contemporary, Cyrine Bettaleb Ali is part of TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS.


2022 | | Communication team TASAWORAT
2022 | | Curator “Hors Ecran” exhibition
2021 | | Art Mediator Kitab Lab
2021 | | Marketing manager ArtForNess online gallery
2021 | | Art Mediator INTERFERENCE
2019 | | Business developer at


2022 | | Master degree in Marketing research
2019 | | IHEC | Bachelor degree in Marketing


Lives in
Born 1997

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