Effet Mère

Visual art and creative programming for audiovisual art are Effet Mère’s actual preferred materials.

Projecting on led screens, she enjoys embellishing old walls or any other display rack. Mainly, she appreciates generative art because it lets her use light waves from the spectrum to make drawings, set an atmosphere, set musical shows on fire, or even change a mindset.

With the Mentoring of Aymen Gharbi and Zied Meddeb Hamrouni, her first performance as an artist was during the JMC 2021 (Carthage Musical Week). The experience gave her the opportunity to show her art to the public and interact with all kinds of people and artists.

Working as an art director and event manager, Effer Mère organized five artistic shows. The concept was setting events for underground bands and getting them to perform for their fans on stage, for some it was their first event.

“YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM is the perfect festival for art and technology to meet and to interact with the audience. Also, to have access to innovative technology. This program will also help me understand more the process of pulling off a successful exhibition.” Effet Mère added.

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