Janet Sebri

Janet Sebri is an artificial Intelligence engineer, a junior curator and project co-coordinator at INTERFERENCE since 2020. She joined the INTERFERENCE community in 2018 where she worked in the Cultural Heritage Studio. In the 2020 edition, Janet has joined the INTERFERENCE curatorial team.


INTERFERENCE introduced me to the opportunity for the experience that art gives and taught me how to embrace a public-centered attitude. When I first joined INTERFERENCE it wasn’t necessarily the art aspect of the project that brought me here. I remember I attended a presentation about the festival, and what captured my attention were the photos of the volunteers setting up the sites, organizing, installing the artworks. I could tell they were having a blast and I admired the sense of selflessness and belonging that l saw, so joined the team. Working on the project has shown me that l don’t need an artistic background to actually have a perspective on art. Coming from a scientific environment, joining the community felt like entering a new culture, it certainly contributed to shaping my personality and aspirations and as a result, I decided to delve deeper into curatorship. What I like about the curatorial experience is that it makes me feel more present and impactful. Curators care for art, society, and individuals alike, and this offers an out-of-the-ordinary experience to represent the local culture and create a platform for societal encounters. I am certainly looking forward to witnessing the interactions of the public with our forthcoming exhibitions


2020 – 2022 | Tunis.tn | INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project | Project Co-coordination
2020 |Tunis.tn | La Fabrique Art Studio | Project Coordination


Since 2018 | Tunis.tn | INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project | Volunteer
2017 | Tunis.tn | MELKART | President Junior Enterprise
Since 2016 | Tunis.tn | BIAT Foundation | Scholar and Active Member


Since 2021 | Tunis.tn | TASAWAR Curatorial Studios | Curatorial Practice
2020-2021 | Tunis.tn | Paris Dauphine | Artificial Intelligence,Systems,and Data
2019 | Washington/DC.us | Georgetown University Leadership and Civic Engagement | MEPI Student Leadership Program: Alumna
2015-2020 | Tunis.tn | National Engineering School of Carthage (ENIC): Mechatronics Engineering


Lives in Tunis.tn
1996 | Born in Kairouan.tn

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