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Dar Ben Achour

The video installation of Slovenian artist Lucija Klauž deals with the transformation of nature’s images through cultures, regions, and media. In her conceptual works, she often analyzes cultural techniques and media theory using translation and repetition. In this work, she refers also to biology and gazes at nature. The process of transfer of energy in photosynthesis inspired her to a cyclical artistic process, seeing distance and hermeneutics as membranes of transformation of information.

The context-specific work is inspired by the awareness of the artist, that her view of Tunis’ nature would never be congruent with that of a local. In conceptualizing her work she analyzed this fact in exchange with a local: Meriam Gaied photographs her surrounding nature. While being captured as an image and digitally sent to Klauž, the experience, perception, and view of the locals have been transferred into media, into data. This change causes a loss of depth – be it the pixels or the cultural-based gaze, the artist recognizes. Out of the surface of the image, Klauž recreates a new depth to the data. She is transforming the information of the image – like light values – into a new system of form: A 3D animation emerges. Onsite it is projected in the Library of Dar Ben Achour, specified on the collection and archiving of Tunisian literature and history. Being presented on this site the installation refers to its surroundings, displaying the original photo alongside the new animation. “The work is a process of exchange and transformation of material. From person to person from an environment to another environment,” explains Lucija Klauž.

INTERFERENCE Young Master Tunis 2022. Lucija Klauž
INTERFERENCE Young Master Tunis 2022. Lucija Klauž – Reflection synonyms




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