Camila Mejia

INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS El Kef 2022 EXHIBITIONS 2022 |, INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS STUDIES 2022 |, University of the Arts, BA BIO Born in Columbia, living in LINKS

Zaid Abueisa: El Kef

SITE Medina of El Kef WHAT IS HIDDEN Made with a digital projector applied to urban ensembles Cellular structures of plants are made up of an interconnected network of small unit cells, struts, and plates that allow obtaining unique features such as minimal material requirements. high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent energy absorption, or transformation capacities. Inspired […]

Haifa Ouerfelli: El Kef

SITE Mausoleum Ali Turki, Medina of El Kef LUCIDUM Made with a digital projector applied to used CDs functioning as reflectors In the center of the space, a double-sided reflector is hanging freely in space and slightly moving. It is made of CDs using their unique reflecting properties. The circular reflector distorts a projected video […]

Camila Mejia: El Kef

Medrassa Husainia RESTLESS TILES Made with a digital projector applied on architectural surfaces When looking at nature’s close-up reveals its intricate patterns as visuals with unique esthetics. Based on the microscopic images of the photosynthesis processing, the artist manipulated the scientific material and developed a kind of digital tiles, organized in a repeating rapport, each […]

Wafa Lazhari: El Kef

SITE Medina of El Kef FROM ONE STATE TO ANOTHER Made with a digital projector applied to architecture The digital animation features natural processes of change and transformation as a digital instead of a natural transition. With cells as pixels, coded tissues, and digital morphing replacing natural change, the artist generates new imageries of an […]

Hamza Chakroun: El Kef

SITE ETERNAL TREE Made with a digital projector applied to built surfaces The artist developed a digital animation depicting a tree in slight movement in an endless repetition. The artificial representation, evenly animated by a digital wind, is shown on sealed surfaces where no rainfall can penetrate into the soil, and therefore many of the […]

Khalil Doghri

Khali Doghri is a technician and problem solver at heart , he prides himself in his ability to look for ways out for any problem presented to him and adapt with what he got . When he joined the INTERFERENCE team, it felt like his natural calling. Working with artists and the rest of the […]

Haifa Ouerfelli

MISE EN LUMIÈRE Tunis 2022 EXHIBITIONS Selection 2022 | El, KIF EL KEF – INTERFERENCE 2021 |, MEDIA ART FRIESLAND YOUNG MASTERS 2021 |, CAIROTONICA 2020 |, INTERFERENCE Digital Shift 2020 |, MAWRED IN TUNIS 2019 |, NE TEMNO / UNDARK Festival of Light 2019 | Houmt, SEE […]


KIF EL KEF c/o Museum Lab 23 – 24 September 2022 | Medina of El Kef Free Admission The Medina of El Kef is one of the sites where the transdisciplinary collective Museum Lab is developing sociocultural activities such as alternative guided tours to understand the natural, architectural, and immaterial heritage of the ancient city, […]

Nour El Houda Ghanem

Holding a certificate in photography and a master’s degree in curating from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse, Nour el Houda has a huge experience with lights and cinematography. She describes herself as an experimentalist with photons, reflectors, and also sound philosophy in order to give a memorable experience to the audience. She […]

Dora Touati

Dora Touati is a product designer and currently working on her research project about the representation of the conceptual design process in design schools, Throughout her academic years, she acknowledged that design is a very enriching field that nurtured her mind and awakened her senses. So it pushed her to explore life and thus through […]

Forat Alhattab: Wonderbox

SITE Hafsia WONDERBOX: TALES OF THE OTHER HALF The portable pop-up installation displays 29 drawings #TalesOfTheOtherHalf cards and their stories in off-center public places like Hafsia. The installation building on the historical entertainment tool, the wonder box / magic box (Sandouq 3jab, Sandouq el donya, Sandouq el forja) serves as moving exhibition carrying the postcards […]

About Gudrun Barenbrock

Reworking the Archive: Artistic Research, Experimentation, Imagination On Gudrun Barenbrock by Bettina Pelz Since the early 2000s, Gudrun Barenbrock dedicates her artistic research and practice to video art installations based on still and moving imageries. While daily perception is set up for speed identification and easy navigation, her artistic approach leads to details that are […]

Tim Georg Heinze: INDISHĀR إندشار

INDISHĀR إندشار | Metamorphous Calligraphy & Tile Installation Site: Palais Kheireddine Set in the Palais Kheïreddine in the Medina of Tunis, INDISHĀR is a projection of Tunisian calligraphy disseminating, deforming, and reassembling in a fluid motion. A wandering light source imposes organic wave fields on the hand-written words while illuminating kaleidoscopic tessellations of characteristic tile […]

Yassin Agrbi: Artwork

Site: Palais Kheireddine (Garden) “This place is part of his memory.” Curious to know more about the place that once was a school where his father studied at it, Yassine’s work is exhibited at the outdoor place near Palais Kheireddine. Showing his work in a very special uncommon place in the Medina, the Tunisian-based artist […]

Martina Dal Brollo: Polarized View

Site: Kishlet El Attarine Martina’s Polarized View artwork highlights plastic pollution by using locally collected plastic waste to create a visual composition. As a base, in the artwork, there’s a platform that rotates thanks to the Arduino, on which plastic waste is placed. At the bottom, we have a light source and at the top, […]

Hamza Chakroun: Eternal Tree

Site: Bir Lahjar Open green spaces within the Medina were what the artist Hamza Chakroun sought out as an escape from the fast-paced life of the downtown and the stress it causes, and so the scarcity of such areas became an inspiration for the artist. In his artwork, Eternal Tree, the artist created a virtual […]

Zaid Abueisa: Artwork

Site: Dar Ya Zaid’s artwork is based on Fractals that reproduce themselves following algorithms that were inspired by the way trees create and grow leaves. Specifically how these leaves are built through pattern creation and repetition. On a white wall by a hanging tree on the rooftop of Dar Ya, Zaid’s artwork will be exhibited […]

Yazan Mesmar: Is It Worth it?

Site: Palais Kheireddine “Through my journey in research, the most fascinating fact that captured me is that the average rate of energy capture by photosynthesis globally is approximately 130 terawatt, which is about eight times the current power consumption of human civilization.” Yazan’s work is a social commentary on human consumption and its impact on […]

Wafa Lazhari: From A State To Another

Site: Nahj El Maktaa written by Sarah-Lea Langner, published on 20th August 2022 THE IDEA – Inspiration of photosynthesis Wafa takes us on a journey to the phenomenon of changing nature. She shows us the incredible changes through evolution and helps us understand the power of nature that matter changes “From A State to Another”, […]

Syrine Eloued: Artwork

Site: Dar Ben Achour Syrine Eloued’s artwork is a green and luminous installation that revisits memory and illuminates the faces, those of the artist’s former friends and classmates, whom she hadn’t seen for 10 years. The memories of when she was a student at Sadiki High School and the visits to Dar Ben Achour/ Library […]

Snow Sheng Jie: Copper Hunters

Site: Kishlet El Attarine “The sustainable way of preserving old copper resonates with me. Usually, things are forgotten on a shelf, but copper is still used by generations,” says Snow. Snow Sheng Jie has developed a project on projection and reflection through a process of experimentation with surfaces and light sources. Throughout Interference and its […]

Shatha Khalifeh: Glory Morning

Site: Dar Ben Achour Over the last few weeks, Shatha khalifeh has been collecting natural materials such as flowers and roots in her homeland Jordan. She then experimented with how best to display these materials. The collection was put into small molds filled with epoxy resin. In some cases, fluorescent color was added to the […]

Lucija Klauž: Reflection Synonyms

SITE Dar Ben Achour The video installation of Slovenian artist Lucija Klauž deals with the transformation of nature’s images through cultures, regions, and media. In her conceptual works, she often analyzes cultural techniques and media theory using translation and repetition. In this work, she refers also to biology and gazes at nature. The process of […]

Effet Mère: Stomata Dream

Site: Kishlet El Morjeni You will see a bunch of stomata dancing and engaging in a specific dynamic on Kichlet El Morjeni architecture and what you’re seeing is a result of data visualization, the data Effet Mère found on how the gases and the elements flow during the process of photosynthesis inside the leaves of […]

Dora Hichri: Receiving energy / Diffusing atoms

Site: Kishlet El Attarine The researcher and teacher in aesthetics and visual artwork was put together after a series of questions and experiments, starting from science and questioning if plants could feel, several wanderings between the greens of her hometown Sousse, a visit to her father’s laboratory to the final microscopic images. Experimenting with analog […]

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