Cargo Gang Gang: Performance

Site: Midhet El Soltane Cargo Gang Gang gathered all their experiences in the Medina of Tunis and their perception of Midhet El Soltane to create a new immersive world of the moment, separating you from the outside world and connecting you to them through the original music they created just for the performance, the varied […]

Camila Mejia: Unresting tiles / Geometry Off

Site: Palais Kheireddine Nothing stays still, even in nature. “My piece creates a moving mural that combines the architecture of traditional Tunisian ceramic tile wall with the use of a lens. Merging this media allows me to explore hidden and colourful microscopic landscapes of the inner photosynthesis mechanisms. I designed a visual tool that allows […]

Anne Fie Salverda: Blooming life spectrum

Site: Kishlet El Attarine As a visual artist, Anne Fie is constantly inspired by nature and its presence around her. In fact, her approach for this work relies mainly on the fact that around 50%-80% of the oxygen production through photosynthesis comes from the ocean. As the sun penetrates the top layer of the water, […]

TASAWAR COLLECTIVE: Where Do We Go From Here Exhibition

Site: Bir Lahjar The TASAWAR COLLECTIVE invited artists that address the future as a potential of the present. In different ways, and with different perspectives and formats; the exhibition looks at how we can speculate upon the future of our habitat. Each curator brings a different angle from disparate artists who explore a certain possible […]

Sp|n: Testimony

Site: Bir Lahjar Sp|n is a digital art collective, founded by Skander Cherif and Oussama Menchaoui in 2022, two sound engineers and sound designers. Their work explores and experiments with new technologies through the use of various mediums (sound, video, programming, etc..). Far from calling themselves “Artists”, Sp|n is above all, the fusion between two […]

Gudrun Barenbrock: Immersive Environments / Tunis Exposure

Site: Palais Kheireddine IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS For more than 20 years Gudrun has been recording and archiving footage of human habitats around the world encompassing urban landscapes, traffic systems, and industrial structures. For Tunis, she collaged and animated two large-scale frames in the City Museum of Tunis. TUNIS EXPOSURE During the Tunis residence, Gudrun started to […]

Gudrun Barenbrock

MISE EN LUMIÈRE Tunis 2022 VISITING ARTISTS Tunis 2022 Gudrun Barenbrock realizes exhibition projects, residencies, and artistic research trips worldwide. Since 2004 she has focused on working with photographic material, both still and moving images. She is interested in experimentation – cinematic materiality and technical apparatus, time and exhibition spaces, systems of perception and thought, […]

Sarah Steger „Save Me From Safety“

Site: Kishlet El Attarine Written by Cyrine Ghrissi. Published on 10th August 2022  Nature is primordial for human existence, it provides us with food to eat, air to breathe, and water to irrigate and drink. Thus, in order to survive and thrive, the Human species depends implicitly on the natural world around us. Nevertheless, in […]

Chiraz Bouzgarrou

Originally coming from an economic and financial engineering academic background and currently working as an IT business developer, Chiraz Bouzgarrou first explored the art mediation world during the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM organized by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis. During this experience, she found the missing component to fill the void she used to have, known […]

Yosr Bahri Chaieb

Yosr Bahri Chaieb is an art and literature enthusiast, a dynamic teacher, and a promoter of gender equality and social and individual liberty. She thrives on exchange and teamwork, and she is always eager to discover visual masterpieces. The social activist works as a second language teacher at the Pilot Institute of Education and Training […]

Haifa Ayadi

Haifa Ayadi is a Tunisian architect with more than 4 years of experience in architecture and design. She is ambitious, dreamy, and full of passion. Interested in the cultural heritage aspect of the light art program and the work behind reviving and showcasing the beauty of the Medina of Tunis, Haifa wanted to be part […]

Najah Sibai

Najah Sibai is a Tunisian architect born in Germany, she has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Ibn Khaldoun University in and currently she works at MOPRH Architects & Partners. Najah describes herself as a dynamic and creative person thanks to her academic background and also she is an open person to new challenges […]

Wissal Boujneh

Choosing the word Passionate to describe herself, Wissal Boujneh says: ” I have so many layers and I love deeply. I love so many things. If you ask me about my opinion, I don’t think this world would survive without art.” Ending her sentence with art word, and starting her first art journey as an […]

Iheb Arfaoui

As someone who never misses an opportunity to be surrounded by art, Iheb Arfaoui didn’t hesitate to join YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis. Holding a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Faculty of Economics and Management (fseg) of and now studying towards a master’s in economics at the Higher School […]

Mayssa Khoudi

Recently graduated in Public law, Mayssa Khoudi expresses her passion for art and she states: ” Through art, I aspire to feel connected and in sync with the universe, moving as one with its elements, I feel one with nature. Nature, representing all that existed and all that shall exist, I see us people as […]

Amir Oueslati

Amir Oueslati is a passionate and hardworking video editor. He had training in electrical engineering technology at Borj Cedria Mechatronics Training Center (CSFMBC) and currently he works as a video editor. Looking to expand his knowledge and skills in light art, precisely light painting, Amir has joined the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art […]

Haroun Ghanmi

Since childhood, Haroun Ghanmi showed interest in art through cutting and playing with different fabrics. The child’s passion has grown with him and continued through high school fine art major and textile and design higher studies which he has a degree and he has been practicing and experimenting using new materials and techniques. Curious and […]

Nacef Smadhi

Nacef Smadhi has a bachelor’s degree in public law from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of (FDSPT). Indifferent to his academic background, Nacef has shown interest to enroll in the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis and being part of the art mediation participants. Describing himself as the messenger […]

Dora Kallel

Dora Kallel is a third-year IT engineering student at the Private School of Engineering and Technology Esprit. She is also a member of several social and entrepreneurship clubs such as Enactus esprit and open start-up Tunisia, where she plays the role of a business developer. Dora is an art enthusiast, during her prep and high […]

Fatma Ezzahra Ladram

Presented as a happy kid, Fatma Ezzahra Ladram is licensed in product design from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED). The product designer believes that her participation as an art mediator with the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis is an opportunity to gain a rich experience. During the […]

Diarietou Nasradine DIOP

An avid learner and an art enthusiast, Diarietou Nasradine DIOP is an architect by background. She worked as an architectural journalist at Epistle Communications in New and she holds a master’s degree in Architecture from Ibn Khaldoun University in The Senegalese architect is eager to learn new things in different aspects of life, […]

Ghofrane Bechahed

Ghofrane Bechahed is a very passionate person, fond of arts, nature, and everything that adds beauty to life. Focusing on art and nature aspects, Ghofrane has been engaged with the environmental crisis that the world is witnessing and has been part of several artistic and cultural clubs, festivals, and initiatives. lately, she has participated as […]

Mabrouka Fall

Mabrouka Fall describes herself as an initiator and always driven to create and innovate. She always wants to learn new things and skills to keep up with the world’s fast pace. In relation to this particular position, she uses the term adventurer to describe herself because this is her first time being an art mediator […]

Yosr Chebbi

“I strive to become a better artist and designer with each passing day.” Yosr Chebbi Yosr Chebbi is a passionate and creative graphic/web designer based in and an undergraduate student in Arts Mediation at The Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba ( Yosr has worked on multiple projects ranging from printing, web design, […]

Oumaima Khedher

Oumaima Khedher is an enthusiastic, passionate, result-oriented person who enjoys being part of a productive team and working on problem-solving. Graduated as a cloud computing engineer from The Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology ESPRIT in, Oumaima is eager to discover the world of light art in Tunisia, expand her knowledge through the […]

Rihem Akkari

Fighting the early morning sun and the occasional winds of procrastination, Rihem Akkari rose in ambition and successfully earned her engineering degree from The Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology ESPRIT in Currently working as an IT engineer at AMI Assurances, Rihem is passionate about artistic stuff and excited to start a new […]

Feyrouz Nouri

Feyrouz Nouri is currently a cultural mediation student at the Higher Institute of Animation for Youth and Culture and the general secretary of Tunisia and the South Korea Friendship Association at Sfax. To practice more in her study field, Feyrouz is part of the art mediators with YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project […]

About Snow Sheng Jie

LIGHT PERFORMS AND TRANSFORMS About Snow Sheng Jie by Farah Sayem, Published on 9 July 2022. “ I want the audience to feel comfortable with being in the middle of the artwork, not just watching it from a distance. “ Says Snow Sheng Jie Snow Sheng Jie is a multidisciplinary artist with Chinese origins. She […]

About Zaid Abueisa

Visualizing, Materializing, Realizing Janet Sebri on Zaid Abueisa. Published on July 7, 2022. When asked what he thought his talent was, Zaid Abueisa answered “I think imagining things and making it real as simple as that…Yes I don’t like complex answers”, he said with a grin. Before asking him this question, I tried to find […]

Zied Ben Aich

Curious to deepen a passion for art, Zied Ben Aich has joined the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis. Although he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Tunis Business School (TBS) with no previous endeavors in the art field, the enthusiastic youngster is relishing a new journey and starting as an art […]

About Sarah Steger

Warfare in a Fragile World About Sarah Steger by Cyrine Ghrissi. Published on 4 July 2022. “Through my chosen fragile materiality I question common values ​​and the way these values ​​are attributed to things in a world characterized by the scarcity of resources.” From questioning what remains of humans as a natural species to what […]

About Effet Mère

“The universe is my favorite playground” Emna Essoussi on Effet-mère. Published on July 4, 2022. Tunis, June 4 around 11:00 49°C was displaying the thermoter of the cab on my way to meet Effet mère. She welcomed me with a bottle of ice water and we talked for three hours about her work and her […]

About Wafa Lazhari

Visualizing the Unseen About Wafa Lazhari by Sarah-Lea Langner. Published on 3 July 2022.   Wafa Lazhari is a 3D designer and just started her career as a visual artist. In her previous works, she experiments with the border between reality and unreality. She is in search of visualizing unsolvable questions, memories and emotions and communicating […]

About Shadha Khalifeh

Creating dream worlds with the light About Shadha Khalifeh by Yonka Werner. Published on 3 July 2022.   Shadha Khalifeh is 25 years old and studied civil engineering. For a long time, artistic work was a hobby for her, which is why she refers to herself as an “artist in the making”. However, she has always […]

About Yassine Agrebi

“Don‘t come to see my artwork, come to live in my world.“ Sara Mari Blom on Yassin Agrbi. Published on July 3, 2022. I am meeting Yassine in his car workshop. The yellow-blue painted facade already beamed at me from a distance, a bright splash of color in the middle of Rue Hakim Kassar in […]

About Lucija Klauž

Destroyed by Repetition – Found in Translation MATERIAL DESTRUCTION AND CONCEPTUAL DECONSTRUCTION IN THE WORKS OF LUCIJA KLAUŽ About Lucija Klauž by Celica Fitz. Published on 3 July 2022. INVESTIGATING THE FLIPSIDES OF CULTURAL PRACTICES Lucija Klauž playfully intermingles words and meaning in conceptual artworks. She turns usual processes upside down thereby investigating the flipsides […]

Hassan Khatib

Hassan Khatib is a Palestinian – Lebanese who represents himself as a little bit of everything. In parallel to his Computer Science studies at the Lebanese International University, Hassan is taking part as an arts & culture projects coordinator and exhibition curator. In coordination with his friends in Lebanon, Hassan has created the Sanadak initiative […]

About Dora Hichri

Between Art, Space, and the Digital About Dora Hichri by Reem Aljeally. Published on 3 July 2022. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious – it is the source of all true art and science”, Albert Einstein Those words are the perfect way to start this article, as I will not be […]

About Anne Fie Salverda

Projection on Glass About Anne Fie Salverda by Bettina Pelz. Published on 2 July 2022. “As a visual artist, I am always inspired by nature and its presence around me. For a while, I wanted to focus on the role that sunlight plays in the environments and shapes the habitat of oxygen-producing organisms. Through the […]

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