Imene Abichou

Imene Abichou presents herself as a curious person who is always up to embrace new experiences and discover new places. She is a software engineer who graduated from the Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of El Manar in her preparatory cycle, majoring in computer engineering from the National School of Computer Sciences in Showing […]

Reem Aljeally

Trained as an Architect, Reem Aljeally is a visual artist, young curator, and designer with a great passion for channeling her talents towards addressing social issues and challenging social change in addition to empowering her fellow artists and enriching the arts scene in Sudan. Working to revive Sudan Local Art Scene, the Sudanese trailblazer created […]

Marwa Benhalim

Marwa Benhalim is a Libyan/Egyptian artist and curator based in Cairo, Egypt. Her interdisciplinary art practice employs language, mainstream culture, and objects as a tool to collapse and contentiously resist oppressive powers. Her work utilizes text, sculpture, food, sound, video, and collaboration in the form of multimedia installations to reveal how power systems proliferated and […]

Shatha Khalifeh

Shatha Khalifeh is an emerging artist from Amman(jr). Although her background as a civil engineer, Shatha has been so interested in art and has been taking part in different art activities. Showing interest to experience different art mediums, light art production, and other forms of visual arts including their history, Shatha Khalifeh was selected as […]

Zaid Abueisa

Zaid Abueisa is a visual artist from Amman(jr). He has a bachelor’s degree in visual arts from the University of Jordan. Interested in Painting and street art, the visual artist’s subjects discuss self-reflection and social exploration, as he is known for studying the possibilities and methods of representation that introduce mirroring and identification of clarifying […]

Yazan Mesmar

Yazan Mesmar is an artist and a visual designer. Painting and designing professionally since 2014, specializing in street art, visual design, and creative directing. Yazan’s artistic style focuses on expressing the local identity, introducing the local and international communities to a modernized Arabic heritage through street art. In 2014 Yazan entered the art scene through […]

Bochra Bouchaib

Bochra Bouchaib describes herself as a hardworking person in the field that she loves. Graduated with a master’s degree in anthropology and cultural studies at The Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis (ISSHT), Bochra sees art more from an anthropological perspective which enriches the program’s open discussion and round talk. Supportive, hopeful, and result-oriented, […]

Hajer Allani

Hajer Allani is a visual artist who has an engraving license from The Higher Institute of Fine Arts in (ISBAT). The visual artist uses various media like ink drawings, painting, illustration, photography, and engraving in her work. Her source of inspiration is specifically her childhood, our daily life experiences, and the different possible psychological […]

Arij Bouchami

Arij is fascinated by art and human existence regardless of how mysterious they both remain to her. She is a visual arts student at Tunis Institute of Fine Arts (ISBAT) and a cinema enthusiast. Life is her muse with its good, bad, and everything in between. She catches beauty in life’s most mundane monotonous aspects […]


The TEXT ME program accompanies the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM: Young curators, art mediators, or art critics write on the artists and the artworks developed in the program.


28 – 31 July 2022 THU – SUN 8:00 pm to Midnight At all sites, art mediators welcome the audience, gladly provide info and answer questions, and share the making of stories of INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS. ART MEDIATION COLLECTIVE ART MEDIATION TEAM The YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM is accompanied by a program on audience care and […]


The preparations of sites, the technical setup, safety measures, and maintenance are cared for by a collective of builders and technicians.   INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS PRODUCTION Builders INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS PRODUCTION Team


The artists are accompanied by accomplices who assist them to develop, build, and document their art work. ACCOMPLICES ACCOMPLICES Team

Dana Kaoukji

Dana Kaoukji is a multidisciplinary artist/curator from no specific country. Fascinated by Water as an art medium, its different function, its technique as a very dynamic, changing character, and pure and transparent element. Dana’s challenge is to create water between the artists/artworks, the audience, and the art institutes, to smoothly mix these three main elements […]


21 May 2022 YMP What is art Associations BP 21.5.2022 ITS22 AM Experimental Art & Art Experience BP 21.5.2022 14 May 2022 ITS22 Art Mediation Light & Artforms BP 14.5.2022

Celica Fitz

Celica Fitz (she/her) is a curator and interdisciplinary researcher in contemporary art and culture. She is interested in the intersections of art and science, processes of meaning-making in contemporary art, and exhibitions. As an art historian, she is focused on contemporary art as well as museology and the analysis of exhibitions as producers of artistic, […]

Sarah-Lea Langner

In her recently graduated studies at the University of the Arts Bremen in the field of “integrated design” she focused on the topics of local infrastructure, creative exchange, as well as related social, economic, ecological, and design issues. As part of her bachelor thesis, she founded the collaborative “InterAktiv” together with Famkje Elgersma, which promotes […]

Yonka Werner

CURATORIAL PRACTICE 2022 |, Philipps-University, Institute for Church Architecture: Liturgy Specific Art, curatorial team Since 2020 |, Philpps-University, Institute for Church Architecture and Contemporary Ecclesiastical Art organzing exhibitions, conferences, workshops FORMATION Since 2020 | Philipps-University, Media and Cultural Practice, Studies 2020 | Philipps-University, Art-Music-Media, BA

Anne van Lierop

Anne van Lierop (they/them) is an art historian, curator, and museum infiltrator based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Their practice involves exploring curatorial possibilities outside of the context of the institution, informed by queer theory and decolonization, and questioning power structures and distribution of wealth in the arts. Anne is one of the founders of the […]

Rahma Jmaiel

Rahma Jmaiel is a Chinese literature and civilization student, initiating her journey in curatorial studies with TASAWAR Curatorial Studios. In 2021 she joined the INTERFERENCE community where she worked as an art mediator and artist assistant in the INTERFERENCE light art festival. During the last couple of years, Rahma had multiple interactions with artists in […]

Kathleen de Meeûs

Kathleen (she/her), known as Kat dems, is a freelance illustrator and curator based between Brussels and Tunis. Facing a compartmentalized world, violently unequal, in which the dominant and dominated social classes barely meet, she believes that art has the ability to build bridges. Her projects seek to connect artists with different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences […]

Aya Bseiso

Aya Bseiso (b. Tunis, 1995) is based in Amman. Her practice relies heavily on research, text, and sampling of various archival materials. Aya is interested in experimenting with the various ways it is possible to engage, build relationships, and embed oneself in distant ecosystems—traveling between borders—by utilizing telepresence, simulating micro-climates, or rendering landscapes that probe […]

Dhia Dhibi

Dhia Dhibi is a Tunis-based visual artist, art theorist, and curator in training. Originally graduated as a 3D animation movies filmmaker, he expanded his curiosity for art practices by studying art theory master’s, being a fellow curator with TASAWAR curatorial studios 3, and becoming the art mediator at La Boite – Un lieu d’art Contemporain. […]

Farah Sayem

Farah Sayem is a product designer and currently a master’s student in social management and curator in training at TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS. She is particularly interested in investigating the physical and political dimensions of urban space in dialogue with the culture of its inhabitants. For her, curation highlights the power of arts to break down […]

Lucija Klauž

Lucija is currently finishing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in the field of video and new media. For the last two years, she’s been writing about art and literature for Radio Študent. She is also working with Film Factory, an organization focusing on film literacy and the education […]

Sarah Steger

Sarah examines the fragility of humankind and the fragility of human life. This does not only concern the human body in its physical existence, but also the fragility of the environment and of the concepts and ideas that humankind seeks to build up and maintain. Preferring to work with day-to-day materials, which are discarded and […]

YMP22 Workshops

19 February 2022 (online), 10.00 am to 12.00 Introduction to YMP 26 February 2022 (online), 10.00 am to 12.00 What is art? What is an artwork? What is artistic research? What does it mean “working with light and light-based media?” Introduction to the concept of PHOTOSYTHESIA 5 March 2022 (online), 10.00 am to […]

Snow Sheng Jie

How do humans perceive space under different circumstances? Are we more inspired in darker spaces? How can we stimulate interactions within a confined area? Snow Sheng Jie brings these questions to her installation works. Her works often involve light&shadow projection, and interactive sound and light approach. Snow is interested in exploring the relationship between humans […]

Wafa Lazhari

INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS El Kef 2022 EXHIBITIONS 2022 |, INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS STUDIES 2014 – 2021 |, National School of Architecture and Urbanism, MA BIO Lives in FEATURED IMAGE Wafa Lazhari

Wafa Lazhari

Wafa Lazhari is a 3D designer and a visual artist currently living and working in Tunis(tn). Her interest in art began through her architecture studies at the National School Of Architecture And Urbanism (ENAU) in Tunis. Through the visuals that include the 3D modeling technique, the visual artist constantly questions the thin limit between reality […]

Yassine Agrebi

Yassine Agrebi is an electrician and light artist. He has been participating in artistic productions since 2018, working with INTERFERENCE and See Djerba as a member of the production team. Working as an electrician, Yassine has the space to explore, learn and grow. Ever since he was 11 years old, electricity was his way of […]

Camila Mejia

Camila Mejia is a Colombian designer currently living in Bremen(de). She works with light and space, sound composition, and digital edition. Recently, Camila has finished her bachelor’s program at the University of Arts Bremen, where she took part in different lines of design-oriented studies that allowed her to incorporate several forms of media and provided […]

Mohamed Mezghani

Tunis-based visual artist Mo Mezghani was entangled in the digital visual realm the moment he made his first contact with it. Mo’s visual art practice revolves around digital art and video processing. He takes special interest in 2D texture ambient designs, which are in principle immortalizations of momentary perceptions in the form of single frames […]

Oumeima Medini

Born in Tunis in 1994, the designer and visual artist Oumeyma Medini has a master’s degree in product design from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Tunis and a certificate in Styling and Modeling. Oumeyma Medini works with a variety of mediums including painting, watercolors, collages, installation, and projections. As a visual artist, Oumeyma […]

Effet Mère

Visual art and creative programming for audiovisual art are Effet Mère’s actual preferred materials. Projecting on led screens, she enjoys embellishing old walls or any other display rack. Mainly, she appreciates generative art because it lets her use light waves from the spectrum to make drawings, set an atmosphere, set musical shows on fire, or […]

Cargo Gang Gang

Cargo is a collective formed at the Montpellier School of Fine Arts. Working in a lively, offbeat, or funny activation. Building with recycled materials, a palette, or a game console, the mediums cohabit within the collective as many vernacular possibilities. Most of the projects are confronted with the public space which generates multiple interactions. It […]

Dora Hichri

MISE EN LUMIÈRE Tunis 2022 INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS Tunis 2022 Dora Hichri Is a PhD researcher, art teacher, and visual artist Dora’s research is mainly focused on experimenting and developing artwork essentially based on digital imagery. Some of the devices and tools that she uses are video projection, video mapping, and TV screens. EXHIBITIONS 2022 […]

Hamza Chakroun

INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS El Kef 2022 EXHIBITIONS 2022 |, INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS STUDIES 2004 – 2007 |, School of Art and Decoration BIO Lives in FEATURED IMAGE Hamza Chakroun