Sara Mari Blom

Sara Mari Blom (she/her) is a costume designer and young curator based in Bremen, Germany. Influenced by both the world of theater and film as well as participatory work with children and youth, she is always searching for connections between image, text, and audience. Inspired by constant exchange and dialogue with her environment, Sara Mari understands her practice as a searching, questioning, and thus dynamic process. Her work is driven by the desire for sensitive and honest discourse, safe and open spaces, and reflective, appreciative collaboration.

Sara Mari Blom joined the INTERFERENCE team in 2020.


2020 – 2021 | | TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS: Certificate of Excellence
2019 – ongoing | | Integrated Design: Master of Arts
2014 – 2019 | | Costume Design: Bachelor of Art


lives in
1994 | born in

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