Yazan Mesmar

Yazan Mesmar is an artist and a visual designer. Painting and designing professionally since 2014, specializing in street art, visual design, and creative directing.
Yazan’s artistic style focuses on expressing the local identity, introducing the local and international communities to a modernized Arabic heritage through street art.

In 2014 Yazan entered the art scene through a journey of creative experimentation resulting in a series of art exhibitions. Since then, he has collaborated with both corporate and NGO partners, to manage, direct, and execute artistic and creative-oriented projects, mainly in the street art roam.

His growing desire to keep discovering new mediums to acquire and integrate into his work had led him on a journey of experimentation, which is the main reason that he is inspired to join the Young Masters Program.
Through Young Masters Program, Yazan aims to develop an artwork using light and digital projecting, taking advantage of the accumulated experience in street art and its interaction with public spaces, while keeping his experimentation process of expressing identity and heritage ongoing.

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