Yossra Cherni

Yossra Cherni defines themselves as part of space and out of it, studying at the Higher Institute of Environmental Technologies, Urbanism and Construction ISTEUB.tn. They joined YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis to write another chapter in their book of life, one that is filled with art experiences and knowledge, out of the enjoyable and fruitful art mediation workshops that constantly keep a hold of you to the opportunities to be more than a passing by name but a contributor to the project’s process. They are part of the web team developing the posted information and an accomplice to Lucija Klauž who is currently finishing her studies in the field of video and new media, assisting her creatively in production and installation. Yossra is a wandering soul hoping to give more value to their lives and maybe catch a glimpse of things.


2000 | Ezzahra.tn


instagram.com: Yossra Cherni