Zied Ben Aich

Curious to deepen a passion for art, Zied Ben Aich has joined the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis. Although he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Tunis Business School (TBS) with no previous endeavors in the art field, the enthusiastic youngster is relishing a new journey and starting as an art mediator with a light-art program. With a diversity of interests; Video games, sports, politics, and arts, Zied Ben Aich has also been editing videos and images for a while now.

Looking to meet artists, expand his network, meet like-minded youth, develop his passion, and discover more about contemporary art, art in public places, and audience care within the online and on-site art mediation workshops that YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM (YMP 2022) offers to art mediators, Zied Ben Aich is very excited about his first experience as an art mediator which he considers a path into the art world.


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