Mohamed Iheb Ben Salah

Mohamed Iheb Ben Salah is a graphic designer, he studied at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts Tunis (ISBAT), currently, he works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Mohamed is a creative and analytical person with an admiration for arts which he sees as an escape for the soul, pushing him to move further […]

Sherazade Al Adhamy

Sherazade Al Adhamy is an architect by background and currently, she is a Community Manager at “Garicom”. With an academic background in architecture at The National School Of Architecture And Urbanism (ENAU) and an interest in Makeup, Sherazade enjoys using her skills to contribute to every aspect of her work. Surrounded by art since her […]

Khadouja Tamzini

Khadouja Tamzini is a Tunisian geomatic student that best describes herself as being “full of life”, a life lover, creative, ready for new experiences, and always going beyond the fear of the unknown. She has always been attracted to the artistic field in all its forms. Five years ago she wanted to explore one of […]

Alma Kchouk

Alma Kchouk is a product design student at the Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in With time, Alma has developed their own artistic vision as well as their skills, and by merging both their potential and their particular vision they’re constantly working on a world they created, to make it more […]

Ons Msilini

Ons Msilini is a person who puts extra attention to details and projects beauty. Ons is eager at carrying out a wide variety of design and development projects and can readily conceptualize new ideas as needed. Alongside her studies, Ons’s experience has taught her important things; creative imagination and effective implementation. This year, Ons is […]

Hayatt Sadia

Hayatt Nour Sadia Diallo means in Arabic “a luminous life”. Hayatt thinks that her first name is quite suitable for the INTERFERENCE Light Art Project experience because it is a perfect reflection of her personality; her universe is bathed in the passion of her art itself enlightened by the architecture that she has chosen as […]

Karim Ben Halima

Karim Ben Halima is a business graduate with a master’s degree in finance from the Business School of Sfax. He has a passion for visual arts, filmmaking, and art in public spaces. He works as a freelance photographer and is currently documenting the local cinema festivals he visits as part of a promotion of the […]

Souha Kbaier

Souha Kbaier is an artist and a product designer who freshly graduated from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in and is currently part of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis 2022. Introducing herself as a stoic humanist who wants to live a better life, Souha’s designs […]

Yossra Cherni

Yossra Cherni defines themselves as part of space and out of it, studying at the Higher Institute of Environmental Technologies, Urbanism and Construction They joined YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis to write another chapter in their book of life, one that is filled with art experiences and knowledge, out of […]

Anis Hmama

Anis Hmama is an audiovisual design student at The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in With more than 3 years of experience as a freelance videomaker, the visual artist had practiced and developed various designs and creative skills. Adding to his visual competencies, Anis Hmama is also a photographer. Curious about […]

Imene Abichou

Imene Abichou presents herself as a curious person who is always up to embrace new experiences and discover new places. She is a software engineer who graduated from the Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of El Manar in her preparatory cycle, majoring in computer engineering from the National School of Computer Sciences in Showing […]

Reem Aljeally

Trained as an Architect, Reem Aljeally is a visual artist, young curator, and designer with a great passion for channeling her talents towards addressing social issues and challenging social change in addition to empowering her fellow artists and enriching the arts scene in Sudan. Working to revive Sudan Local Art Scene, the Sudanese trailblazer created […]

Bochra Bouchaib

Bochra Bouchaib describes herself as a hardworking person in the field that she loves. Graduated with a master’s degree in anthropology and cultural studies at The Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis (ISSHT), Bochra sees art more from an anthropological perspective which enriches the program’s open discussion and round talk. Supportive, hopeful, and result-oriented, […]

Hajer Allani

Hajer Allani is a visual artist who has an engraving license from The Higher Institute of Fine Arts in (ISBAT). The visual artist uses various media like ink drawings, painting, illustration, photography, and engraving in her work. Her source of inspiration is specifically her childhood, our daily life experiences, and the different possible psychological […]

Arij Bouchami

Arij is fascinated by art and human existence regardless of how mysterious they both remain to her. She is a visual arts student at Tunis Institute of Fine Arts (ISBAT) and a cinema enthusiast. Life is her muse with its good, bad, and everything in between. She catches beauty in life’s most mundane monotonous aspects […]