Hanen Mahfoudh

Hanen Mahfoudh is an interior designer and a curator in training, based in Tunis/Sousse. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 2022 | Tunis.tn | INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project: Team Member 2021 | Tunis.tn | KITAB LAB: Curatorial Assistance 2021 | Tunis.tn | KLF | 7ayi Boustil: Production Assistance 2021 | Tunis.tn | INTERFERENCE Electrical Disorder: Artist Assistance 2021 […]

Cyrine Ghrissi

Always thinking to understand and to answer questions linked to us as humans living in this contemporary era. Cyrine Ghrissi focuses on rediscovering and reviving the narratives that had been written by ‘others’ and missed the female statement. Although she has a different academic background, Cyrine Ghrissi has been studying online Contemporary Art, Women in […]

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