MEL Zitouna Mosque

Dedicated to the iconic cultural-historic site. ARTISTIC APPROACH A text projection based on light (ar: nour) what is a key metaphor in the Quran. Detlef Hartung: Zitouna Mosque. Photos: Ouafa Ben Amor.

MEL City Museum

Dedicated to the artist Safia Farhat, who was the only woman artist of the arts and crafts network “Ecole des Tunis”. She was the first Tunisian woman to publish a magazine, and the first woman to direct the Tunis Art Academy. Text (fr) by Najet Abdelkader ARTISTIC APPROACH Animated text and image projection dedicated to […]

MEL City Hall

Dedicated to the path-making politicians of the past referring to Elyssa, the founder of Carthage, and to the present Najla Bouden, the Prime Minister of Tunisia, and to Souad Abderrahim, the Mayor of Tunis – both the first women in their positions in the Arab world. In addition, the site was dedicated to the iconic […]

MEL Cathedral St. Vincent de Paul

Dedicated to the iconic cultural-historic site of Tunis. ARTISTIC APPROACH An artistic reflection on the interaction of the cultural-historic site and the projection technologies applied Gudrun Barenbrock: Cathedral. Photos: Gudrun Barenbrock, Ouafa Ben Amor. ARTISTIC APPROACH Artistic research on the relation between the cultural-historic building and its architectural plan Zeinbeb Kaabi, Haifa Ouerfelli: Cathedral (1). […]

MEL City Theater

Dedicated to Fadhila Khetmi, Habiba Miska, and Saliha as three outstanding women artists that changed the standards of women’s roles in the performing arts. Text (fr) by Najet Abdelkader MISE EN LUMIÈRE: Pioneering Tunisian Women. Photos: Ouafa Ben Amor. ARTISTIC APPROACH Abstract visual compositions based on hand-drawn portraits of Fadhila Khetmi, Habiba Miska, and Saliha. […]

MEL Bab Bhar

Dedicated to the present-day award-winning athletes Ons Jabeur and Raoua Tlili, as well as to the historic figures Arwa La Kairouanaise and Aziza Othmana. Arwa La Kairouanaise is memorized as the pathmaker of the “Kairouan Contract” as a mutual agreement for monogamous marriage, and Aziza Othmana is known as a princess, politician, and philanthropist. Text […]

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