Sabra Achour

Sabra Achour is a photographer and video editor in her last year of studies at Carthage Arts Academy (AAC) in With experience in making music video clips and short movies, Sabra shows talent and good skills in the fields that she likes and practices. Currently, she is experimenting with her creative and artistic competencies […]

Farook Sfaxi

Farook Sfaxi is a visual maker and “image eater” as they wants to call themself. They holds a research master’s degree in design from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in The visual artist is Interested in contemporary art, comics and illustration. Implementing their visual skills and graphic design talent, Farook […]

Nessma Mabrouki

Nessma Mabrouki is a cinema student, currently studying directing and screenwriting at The Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba (ISAMM). Nessma Mabrouki is someone who is diving into the artistic world, In her hometown, Nessma practiced a lot of artistic activities like theater, painting, ballet, and photography. She is very passionate about art and […]

Karim Ben Halima

Karim Ben Halima is a business graduate with a master’s degree in finance from the Business School of Sfax. He has a passion for visual arts, filmmaking, and art in public spaces. He works as a freelance photographer and is currently documenting the local cinema festivals he visits as part of a promotion of the […]

Souha Kbaier

Souha Kbaier is an artist and a product designer who freshly graduated from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in and is currently part of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis 2022. Introducing herself as a stoic humanist who wants to live a better life, Souha’s designs […]

Anis Hmama

Anis Hmama is an audiovisual design student at The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in With more than 3 years of experience as a freelance videomaker, the visual artist had practiced and developed various designs and creative skills. Adding to his visual competencies, Anis Hmama is also a photographer. Curious about […]