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22 March to 3 May 2022
Open Call 1

28 March to 7 May 2022
Interviews on the fly

INTERFERENCE YMP is looking for art mediators!
Join the team and become an art mediator!

The YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project in Tunis
and SEE DJERBA International Media Art Biennial in Houmt Souk supports emerging artists to
develop and realize artwork in public space.

In the INTERFERENCE context, art mediators play a key role in mediating between the artists,
artworks, their contexts, and the public. It is a crucial role to fulfill especially in the context of art in public space to create a hospitable and a convivial atmosphere for the viewers to appreciate the presented art.

The YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM includes a program on audience care and art mediation.
The program includes lectures and workshops, production assistance, and training on the spot.
It is built for volunteers who will welcome the audience, provide info, and share discussions
during the exhibition of the artwork. This is the 3rd edition.

Therefore, the INTERFERENCE team is looking to recruit those who are interested to assume
such a role. To do so, you will get to participate in a series of workshops meant to prepare for
the final exhibition and to learn more about the art mediation concept. Through these
workshops we will also work on establishing the foundations of art mediation and to immerse
deeper into the realm of INTERFERENCE.

Once through the selection and the training process, each art mediator will have to work
closely with the accompanied young artists to assist them in developing their ideas and
producing them into final artworks. Once the exhibition is set, the art mediators will be
responsible for interacting with the audience, collecting their feedback, and making sure they
have their full art-experience.

After this journey you will gain much experience in art mediation and other departments you
will work closely with, such as production. You will gain experience that will allow you to work
with other organizations and festivals. Learn with us and explore the local art scene for a better future.

For those of you who are interested you have to fill this form, and then our Art-Mediation team will contact you for selection interviews.

For further information please contact us through: or +216 24 658 678.
For more details on the program please visit this link.

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