We met on 10 February 2022 online and discussed for hours who to provide with the opportunity to join the YOUNG MASTER PROGRAM 2022. The four jury members and the artistic directors came to a decision in an atmosphere of open, controversial, and productive discussion. We were supported with information, assessments, and thoughtfulness by the jury’s assistance.

The difference in professional, and cultural backgrounds, philosophy, and age led to valuable discussions, even beyond the task we had to handle. We are impressed by the quality and care that the INTERFERENCE team raises and we would be more than happy to see programs like this in Amman, Athens, and Buenos Aires.

_ The applications varied in quality, from some that were rather minimalist to others that could match international standards. The jury meeting happened in a very relaxed atmosphere, and the care the INTERFERENCE team put into the program inspired our discussions. We were checking on diverse aspects without being judgmental, and the way the selection process was designed, taking into consideration participants’ experience, approaches, and unique perspectives, was really cool. Going through all the applications provided me with an insight into the present art scene in Tunis, and I am really looking forward to seeing the results of the program in the summer.

Paola Farran

_  In the jury discussions, I liked the different perspectives of local and international, curators, artists, and art practitioners. Our discussions were done with care and always in favor of the artists. We came to a mix of quite experienced artists along with emerging ones, which might allow the fellows not only to learn from the program but from each other as well.

Alexia Alexandropoulou

_ During my studies, I have always been always waiting for the juries to get the result. After spending hours discussing it with the jury, I can understand why it takes time. It was a learning journey for me too. As a local one living in Tunisia, it gave me a kind of hope and optimism for the local art scene. I discovered new talents, the second thing I discovered how hard it is for some to express themselves, which I think should be included in the training because the problem of self-expression is a general problem we have in Tunisia.

Maher Meriah

_ The exchange with the team was an enriching experience. Due to the variety of backgrounds, expertise, and interests of the members, the discussion was very fruitful. Combining the insights of those of us who analyzed the applications from abroad with those who knew the Tunisian context in depth, gave the jury a very healthy balance. Personally, I found myself beginning to discover the Tunisian art scene, and I understood better the relevance of the YOUNG MASTER PROGRAM in such context: a program that not only focuses on exhibiting works but also offers mentoring and advice for emerging artists. Regarding the smooth and respectful selection process, I’m very satisfied with the intention of coming up with a varied group of emerging artists, with different concepts, techniques, and experiences.

Nicolás Dardano

_ The jury members came from different contexts of the INTERFERENCE international networks. They are home in diverse practices and cultures, they are from different generations and levels of experience, they differ in their perspectives on gender identities and life concepts. It was great to see how the jury discussions developed, both in a caring and critical mindset favoring artistic research and experimentation, transdisciplinary approaches as well as cooperative spirits. The generosity in sharing knowledge and experience impressed us and we hope that we will manage to meet the expectations that were raised via the quality and depth of the jury’s discussion.

Bettina Pelz | Aymen Gharbi

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