Syrine Eloued: Artwork

Site: Dar Ben Achour

Syrine Eloued’s artwork is a green and luminous installation that revisits memory and illuminates the faces, those of the artist’s former friends and classmates, whom she hadn’t seen for 10 years. The memories of when she was a student at Sadiki High School and the visits to Dar Ben Achour/ Library of Tunis to revise and spend off-peak hours. The artist took the old photographs of her friends and printed them on plant leaves in the light of the sun, through an alternative and natural printing process, the Chlorophyll printing process. The fragile prints are the tree of her personal memory, which is also ephemeral in time. The traces are only visible for a few days during which the memory fades, and the faces fade and degrade with the leaves drying and decomposing. In the dark, the depth of the night and that of the place, revealed by black lights, inhabit what remains of silhouettes and features.



FEATURED IMAGE: Alaa Eddine Nabli

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