Amine Medbouhi

Amine Medbouhi is a theater actor, drama teacher, and cultural activist based in Algiers, Algeria. He is constantly looking for the human reflection that resides within the exterior space or within the concept of otherness, with the aim of understanding that process of projection and the similarities between everyone and everything. A curiosity that he cast on all of his practices.

Taking part in different artistic and cultural projects as well as international collaborations in the field of performing arts, cinema, visual arts, and cultural work, amine has enrolled in the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis and is looking to learn more about art mediation through the workshops that the program provides to satisfy his interest for arts and most importantly polish his skills in the cultural field thanks to the exchange between different nationalities and background that the program offers.


2001 | Tlemcen.DZ

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