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Projection on Glass

About Anne Fie Salverda by Bettina Pelz. Published on 2 July 2022.

“As a visual artist, I am always inspired by nature and its presence around me. For a while, I wanted to focus on the role that sunlight plays in the environments and shapes the habitat of oxygen-producing organisms. Through the medium of animation, I study the interaction of water, light and the life, try to document the essence and let myself be inspired by the underwater worlds.”1Series of talks with Anne Fie Salverda during testing period June-July 2022 by Bettina Pelz _ recalls Anne Fie her initial approach.

I had seen her work at MEDIA ART YOUNG MASTER in Leeuwarden where she was awarded with the YOUNG MASTERS AWARD 2018. She had studied the Academy of Popculture in Leeuwarden, and develop a focus on animation. When Andrea Moeller, the director of MEDIA ART FREISLAND suggested and supported her to join us in Tunis, we gladly agreed to include her in the INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS. Right after the interview, she started with experimentation looking for a visual idea that could provide a framework for her ideas.

Anne Fie Salverda. Test 6.2022 (4)
Anne Fie Salverda. Test 6.2022 (5)
Anne Fie Salverda. Test 6.2022 (1)
Anne Fie Salverda. Test 6.2022 (2)
Anne Fie Salverda: Testing. Foto: Anne Fie Salverda.

When we started to talk about this year’s theme PHOTOSYTHESIA, she immediately referred to the ocean. Do you know about photosynthesis in the ocean? _ she asked me, and because I had only a faint idea, she talked about that photosynthesis at sea is accomplished by single-celled plants that we can hardly see, but yet scientists assume that the marine plankton generate about half of Earth’s oxygen, even though their biomass is less than that of terrestrial plants. They are tiny floating photochemical systems. “Working on PHOTOSYTHESIA, I am inspired by the fact that around 50 – 80% of the production of oxygen through photosynthesis comes from the ocean. The sun penetrates the top layer of the water and the plants, plankton, algae and photosynthetic bacteria who produce oxygen thrive in this environment. This fact always fascinated me because of the association we tend to have with forests and plants providing this oxygen for us”2Series of talks during testing period June-July 2022 by Bettina Pelz _ she said in one of our early online encounters preparing for her participation in Tunis.

In her experimentation, her focus shifted to the appearance of water, she worked with water surfaces that she filmed, and multiplied. She came up with some blue drawings and paintings, analog and digitally generated. She projected on the water imageries water in glass vessels and decided to work on the intriguing interaction of projected light and glass … to be continued

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