About Gudrun Barenbrock

Reworking the Archive: Artistic Research, Experimentation, Imagination On Gudrun Barenbrock by Bettina Pelz Since the early 2000s, Gudrun Barenbrock dedicates her artistic research and practice to video art installations based on still and moving imageries. While daily perception is set up for speed identification and easy navigation, her artistic approach leads to details that are […]

About Snow Sheng Jie

LIGHT PERFORMS AND TRANSFORMS About Snow Sheng Jie by Farah Sayem, Published on 9 July 2022. “ I want the audience to feel comfortable with being in the middle of the artwork, not just watching it from a distance. “ Says Snow Sheng Jie Snow Sheng Jie is a multidisciplinary artist with Chinese origins. She […]

About Zaid Abueisa

Visualizing, Materializing, Realizing Janet Sebri on Zaid Abueisa. Published on July 7, 2022. When asked what he thought his talent was, Zaid Abueisa answered “I think imagining things and making it real as simple as that…Yes I don’t like complex answers”, he said with a grin. Before asking him this question, I tried to find […]

About Sarah Steger

Warfare in a Fragile World About Sarah Steger by Cyrine Ghrissi. Published on 4 July 2022. “Through my chosen fragile materiality I question common values ​​and the way these values ​​are attributed to things in a world characterized by the scarcity of resources.” From questioning what remains of humans as a natural species to what […]

About Effet Mère

“The universe is my favorite playground” Emna Essoussi on Effet-mère. Published on July 4, 2022. Tunis, June 4 around 11:00 49°C was displaying the thermoter of the cab on my way to meet Effet mère. She welcomed me with a bottle of ice water and we talked for three hours about her work and her […]

About Wafa Lazhari

Visualizing the Unseen About Wafa Lazhari by Sarah-Lea Langner. Published on 3 July 2022.   Wafa Lazhari is a 3D designer and just started her career as a visual artist. In her previous works, she experiments with the border between reality and unreality. She is in search of visualizing unsolvable questions, memories and emotions and communicating […]

About Shadha Khalifeh

Creating dream worlds with the light About Shadha Khalifeh by Yonka Werner. Published on 3 July 2022.   Shadha Khalifeh is 25 years old and studied civil engineering. For a long time, artistic work was a hobby for her, which is why she refers to herself as an “artist in the making”. However, she has always […]

About Yassine Agrebi

“Don‘t come to see my artwork, come to live in my world.“ Sara Mari Blom on Yassin Agrbi. Published on July 3, 2022. I am meeting Yassine in his car workshop. The yellow-blue painted facade already beamed at me from a distance, a bright splash of color in the middle of Rue Hakim Kassar in […]

About Lucija Klauž

Destroyed by Repetition – Found in Translation MATERIAL DESTRUCTION AND CONCEPTUAL DECONSTRUCTION IN THE WORKS OF LUCIJA KLAUŽ About Lucija Klauž by Celica Fitz. Published on 3 July 2022. INVESTIGATING THE FLIPSIDES OF CULTURAL PRACTICES Lucija Klauž playfully intermingles words and meaning in conceptual artworks. She turns usual processes upside down thereby investigating the flipsides […]

About Dora Hichri

Between Art, Space, and the Digital About Dora Hichri by Reem Aljeally. Published on 3 July 2022. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious – it is the source of all true art and science”, Albert Einstein Those words are the perfect way to start this article, as I will not be […]

About Anne Fie Salverda

Projection on Glass About Anne Fie Salverda by Bettina Pelz. Published on 2 July 2022. “As a visual artist, I am always inspired by nature and its presence around me. For a while, I wanted to focus on the role that sunlight plays in the environments and shapes the habitat of oxygen-producing organisms. Through the […]

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