Aya Bseiso

Aya Bseiso (b. Tunis, 1995) is based in Amman. Her practice relies heavily on research, text, and sampling of various archival materials. Aya is interested in experimenting with the various ways it is possible to engage, build relationships, and embed oneself in distant ecosystems—traveling between borders—by utilizing telepresence, simulating micro-climates, or rendering landscapes that probe different futures.

Whether as part of her work at MMAG Foundation, a contemporary art institution in Jordan, the collectives she is a part of or her research projects, she seeks to engage in the search for, development of, and potential of artistic and curatorial practice amidst the fluctuating socio-political context of the region.


2020 – Ongoing | Amman.jr | Rizzmi.me: Head of Communications and User A
2020 | Amman.jr | Mophradat | Bahaleen: Co Initiator and Art Practitioner
2019 – Ongoing | Amman.jr | MMAG Foundation: Communications Manager


2021 – 2022 | Amman.jr | TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS: Fellow
2014 – 2017 | Pennsylvania.us | Penn State University: International Relations, Affairs, and International Development
2013 – 2017 | Pennsylvania.us | Penn State University: International Political Economy, Community Environment and Development


A Palestinian Based in Amman.jr
1995 | Born in Tunis.tn

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