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Dedicated to the artist Safia Farhat, who was the only woman artist of the arts and crafts network “Ecole des Tunis”. She was the first Tunisian woman to publish a magazine, and the first woman to direct the Tunis Art Academy. Text (fr) by Najet Abdelkader ARTISTIC APPROACH Animated text and image projection dedicated to […]

Emily Sarsam

Emily Sarsam is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural programmer, whose work revolves mainly around the mediums of independent publishing, sound and poetry. PHOTO Clément Arbib


TEXTE PAR NAJET ABDEKKADER HOTEL DE VILLE DE TUNIS Conçu par l’architecte Wassim Ben Mahmoud et le décorateur Ismail Ben Fredj dans un style qui allie la tradition à la modernité, l’hôtel de ville de Tunis s’élève depuis 1998, majestueux dans sa robe de marbre rose, sur le point culminant de la Kasbah, haut lieu […]

Najet Abdelkader

MISE EN LUMIÈRE Contribution: Text Najet Abdelkader was a professor of the French language and specialized in 17th Century theater. She directed the cultural service of the city of Tunis for more than 12 years. Until today, she is an intellectual anchorpoint in the contexts of arts and culture in Tunis. PUBLICATION 2015 | La […]

Hela Lamine

Hela Lamine works on several artistic media such as drawing, engraving, painting, collage, fresco, and digital media. She collects, collages, and composes featuring experimental approaches to explore seen, sensed, and thought realities. EXHIBITIONS 2020 |, INSTITUT FRANCAIS 2019 |, CENTRAL 2019 |, OPEN ART WEEK 2018 |, Villa Dutoit 2018 | […]

Anja Kreysing

Anja Kreysing is a musician, sound artist, and visual artist. Her artistic focus is on performances, live soundtracks for silent films, electroacoustic environments, and improvised music with accordion and electronics. CONCERTS / PERFORMANCES 2022 |, GOLDSTUECKE Light Art Projects 2022 |, GESELLSCHAFT FÜR NEUE MUSIK, Klangzeit-Festival 2022 |, lab30 Medienknst-Festival 2022 | […]

Detlef Hartung

In tandem with Georg Trenz, Detlef Hartung realizes text-based art projects worldwide. Since 1996, they are are contributing to the artistic assessment of typography. Found sites in their architectural, socio-cultural, and historic dimensions have been hosting their projection works. EXHIBITIONS 2022 |, KLANGLICHT Festival of Light 2022 |, GOLDSTUCKE Light Art Projects 2022 […]


KIF EL KEF c/o Museum Lab 23 – 24 September 2022 | Medina of El Kef Free Admission The Medina of El Kef is one of the sites where the transdisciplinary collective Museum Lab is developing sociocultural activities such as alternative guided tours to understand the natural, architectural, and immaterial heritage of the ancient city, […]

Forat Alhattab: Wonderbox

SITE Hafsia WONDERBOX: TALES OF THE OTHER HALF The portable pop-up installation displays 29 drawings #TalesOfTheOtherHalf cards and their stories in off-center public places like Hafsia. The installation building on the historical entertainment tool, the wonder box / magic box (Sandouq 3jab, Sandouq el donya, Sandouq el forja) serves as moving exhibition carrying the postcards […]

About Gudrun Barenbrock

Reworking the Archive: Artistic Research, Experimentation, Imagination On Gudrun Barenbrock by Bettina Pelz Since the early 2000s, Gudrun Barenbrock dedicates her artistic research and practice to video art installations based on still and moving imageries. While daily perception is set up for speed identification and easy navigation, her artistic approach leads to details that are […]

Tim Georg Heinze: INDISHĀR إندشار

INDISHĀR إندشار | Metamorphous Calligraphy & Tile Installation Site: Palais Kheireddine Set in the Palais Kheïreddine in the Medina of Tunis, INDISHĀR is a projection of Tunisian calligraphy disseminating, deforming, and reassembling in a fluid motion. A wandering light source imposes organic wave fields on the hand-written words while illuminating kaleidoscopic tessellations of characteristic tile […]

Yassin Agrbi: Artwork

Site: Palais Kheireddine (Garden) “This place is part of his memory.” Curious to know more about the place that once was a school where his father studied at it, Yassine’s work is exhibited at the outdoor place near Palais Kheireddine. Showing his work in a very special uncommon place in the Medina, the Tunisian-based artist […]

TASAWAR COLLECTIVE: Where Do We Go From Here Exhibition

Site: Bir Lahjar The TASAWAR COLLECTIVE invited artists that address the future as a potential of the present. In different ways, and with different perspectives and formats; the exhibition looks at how we can speculate upon the future of our habitat. Each curator brings a different angle from disparate artists who explore a certain possible […]

Gudrun Barenbrock

MISE EN LUMIÈRE Tunis 2022 VISITING ARTISTS Tunis 2022 Gudrun Barenbrock realizes exhibition projects, residencies, and artistic research trips worldwide. Since 2004 she has focused on working with photographic material, both still and moving images. She is interested in experimentation – cinematic materiality and technical apparatus, time and exhibition spaces, systems of perception and thought, […]

Sarah Steger „Save Me From Safety“

Site: Kishlet El Attarine Written by Cyrine Ghrissi. Published on 10th August 2022  Nature is primordial for human existence, it provides us with food to eat, air to breathe, and water to irrigate and drink. Thus, in order to survive and thrive, the Human species depends implicitly on the natural world around us. Nevertheless, in […]

About Sarah Steger

Warfare in a Fragile World About Sarah Steger by Cyrine Ghrissi. Published on 4 July 2022. “Through my chosen fragile materiality I question common values ​​and the way these values ​​are attributed to things in a world characterized by the scarcity of resources.” From questioning what remains of humans as a natural species to what […]


Communication within the INTERFERENCE community and the Medina of Tunis, via social media and with press and print media is cared for by a collective of communication designers. INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS COM Designers INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS COM Team


For the visual documentation of artworks, production, mediation, and communication of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM, there is a collective of young photographers that accompany all the activities.   INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS DOC Photographers INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS DOC Team

Anne Fie Salverda

Anne Fie Salverda is an animation artist, that creates animations, both digital and analog, and live visuals with music. Interested in creating new worlds and creating a certain atmosphere, The young animator has exhibited animation films and has been part of different art initiatives; KOMPOST: Nahrung für den Geist, an initiative of Popfabryk, New Nordic […]

Martina Dal Brollo

Martina Dal Brollo (Trento, Italy 1990) graduated in 2020 from the Frank Mohr Institute with a Master degree in Media, Art, Design, and Technology. She previously completed her studies in Spain at the Fine Art Academy of Barcelona and then moved to Beijing for a short working period. Martina has a cross-disciplinary approach that developed […]


.KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ is a public art project by the local network of art initiatives, projects, and institutions, financed by the City of on the occasion of the city’s 800s jubilee. LINKS UNTER ORTEN developed by INSTITUT FOR FINE ARTS Marburg under the direction of Klaus Lomnitzer and Bettina Pelz .KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ Kunstlabor […]


YOUNG MASTERS WEB Team ONLINE TUE 7:00- 9:00 pm 24 May 2022 MO 7:00 – 9:00 30 May 2022 11 June 2022 25 June 2022 4 July 2022 11 July 2022 18 July 2022 25 July 2022 ONSITE Upron agreement ONLINE 2 July 2022 ONLINE The TEXT ME Authors will present all artists online […]


YOUNG MASTERS’ ACCOMPLICES Team ONLINE SA 10:00 – 12:00 28 May 2022 4 June 2022 11 June 2022 25 June 2022 23 July 2022 1 August 2022 ONSITE 25 June to 6 July Pre-Production ONLINE 2 July 2022 ONLINE The TEXT ME Authors will present all artists online ONSITE 16/17 July 2022 Visiting the […]

Marwa Benhalim

Marwa Benhalim is a Libyan/Egyptian artist and curator based in Cairo, Egypt. Her interdisciplinary art practice employs language, mainstream culture, and objects as a tool to collapse and contentiously resist oppressive powers. Her work utilizes text, sculpture, food, sound, video, and collaboration in the form of multimedia installations to reveal how power systems proliferated and […]


The TEXT ME program accompanies the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM: Young curators, art mediators, or art critics write on the artists and the artworks developed in the program.


28 – 31 July 2022 THU – SUN 8:00 pm to Midnight At all sites, art mediators welcome the audience, gladly provide info and answer questions, and share the making of stories of INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS. ART MEDIATION COLLECTIVE ART MEDIATION TEAM The YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM is accompanied by a program on audience care and […]


The preparations of sites, the technical setup, safety measures, and maintenance are cared for by a collective of builders and technicians.   INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS PRODUCTION Builders INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS PRODUCTION Team


The artists are accompanied by accomplices who assist them to develop, build, and document their art work. ACCOMPLICES ACCOMPLICES Team

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