Diarietou Nasradine DIOP

An avid learner and an art enthusiast, Diarietou Nasradine DIOP is an architect by background. She worked as an architectural journalist at Epistle Communications in New Delhi.in and she holds a master’s degree in Architecture from Ibn Khaldoun University in Tunis.tn. The Senegalese architect is eager to learn new things in different aspects of life, she adapts quickly to new cultures, languages, and people from different backgrounds. Her enthusiasm for innovation, and building new concepts make her confident to work in cooperation and share her ideas and knowledge.

Expanding her network in the art field, the architect has chosen to be a part of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis as an art mediator because she considers it an opportunity to refine her already rich art experience which she has served and practiced with different artistic roles in different artistic events in Dakar, Tunis, and New Delhi.


1995 | Dakar.sn

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