Farook Sfaxi

Farook Sfaxi is a visual maker and “image eater” as they wants to call themself. They holds a research master’s degree in design from The Higher Institute of Science, Technology, and Design (ESSTED) in Tunis.tn. The visual artist is Interested in contemporary art, comics and illustration.

Implementing their visual skills and graphic design talent, Farook is an asset member of the INTERFERENCE community. Whether as a visual artist or a team member, Farook’s dedication to the Light Art Based Project in Tunisia has been continuing since the first edition, this year Farook is part of the communication team member, taking care of the social media among other members. Showing love to the community and event, Farook believes that the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM is dedicated to the young and emerging artists and empowers the local art scene which they feels grateful to be part of.


1991 | Tunis.tn


behance.net: Farook Sfaxi
instagram.com: Farook Sfaxi