Khalil Doghri

Khali Doghri is a technician and problem solver at heart , he prides himself in his ability to look for ways out for any problem presented to him and adapt with what he got .
When he joined the INTERFERENCE team, it felt like his natural calling. Working with artists and the rest of the team brought him challenges and ever changing parameters teaching him that no solution is like the other and that the end result  is just as important as the journey itself.  As such khalil grew fond of the art scene in Tunis and thriving to experience more of it .



2022 | Producer in YMP kef
2022 | Inventory manager for INTERFERENCE YMP 2022
2020/2022 | agent de service client at Téléperformance.
2021 | Assistant Producer in ED exhibition project
2020|  Freelance producer
2019 |  Inventory manager of see djerba
2019 | Technical assistant with IFT
2018 |  community assitant manager/ inventory manager of INTERFERENCE 2018



2018 |, Formation d’électricité bâtiment au centre de formation
2019/2020| wed il,  Formation de climatisation et froid au centre de formation militaire


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