Khalil Doghri

Khali Doghri is a technician and problem solver at heart , he prides himself in his ability to look for ways out for any problem presented to him and adapt with what he got . When he joined the INTERFERENCE team, it felt like his natural calling. Working with artists and the rest of the […]

Molka Chaabane

Molka Chaabane is a sound engineer and a gardener. Throughout the years, Molka’s curiosity pushed her to engage in several activities such as music, painting, and sports. In the hope to find herself, she digs into nature and art as she believes that nature inspires us and teaches us about ourselves and art translates and […]

Kenza Jemmali

Kenza Jemmali studied architecture, she is an emerging curator based in Tunis. She is strongly interested in a transdisciplinary approach that tackles art and architecture. She is always observing the space surrounding us and its relation to the art produced. Questioning and understanding different art practices is what drives her. She is starting to get […]