Mabrouka Fall

Mabrouka Fall describes herself as an initiator and always driven to create and innovate. She always wants to learn new things and skills to keep up with the world’s fast pace. In relation to this particular position, she uses the term adventurer to describe herself because this is her first time being an art mediator with the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis and she treats it as an adventure that is going to introduce new concepts, ideas, and perspectives.

Mabrouka has been in the fashion industry since 2017 as a model, she tried to put her artistic perspective in her work which resulted in her being the object of several exhibitions one occurring in Agorgi Gallery and another one in a private gallery in downtown Tunis. In addition, she is preparing a project that’s going to focus on the whole art scene in Tunisia and might extend it to include the MENA REGION.


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