Mayssa Khoudi

Recently graduated in Public law, Mayssa Khoudi expresses her passion for art and she states: ” Through art, I aspire to feel connected and in sync with the universe, moving as one with its elements, I feel one with nature. Nature, representing all that existed and all that shall exist, I see us people as significant as the plants and the sun, all part of a bigger whole.”

Regardless of her law studies, Mayssa works as a community manager and graphic designer with Kebira Harder Design and she does illustrations, paintings, and ceramic. Enrolled with the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art project Tunis, Mayssa is looking to work with creative people and to participate in creating a safe network for artists free of judgment, an environment where one gets to be their true and most creative self encouraged by like-minded people. She wants to connect with people through art and develop her abilities as a person and artist.


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