Reem Aljeally

Trained as an Architect, Reem Aljeally is a visual artist, young curator, and designer with a great passion for channeling her talents towards addressing social issues and challenging social change in addition to empowering her fellow artists and enriching the arts scene in Sudan.

Working to revive Sudan Local Art Scene, the Sudanese trailblazer created The Muse multi studios in 2019, a creative enterprise that aims to train, support, and promote visual arts. In 2020 she founded Bait Alnisa to curate and highlight Sudanese female art. Expanding her international presence and her expertise, Reem Aljeally has chosen Tunisia as her new artistic destination and be part of the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis as an art mediator and one of the TEXT ME Program.


1997 | Khartoum.Sd

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