Shaima Sebri

Shaima Sebri is a fresh Business Intelligence graduate with wide-ranging intellectual
curiosities and a keen interest in content writing as well as research.
Currently, she’s a master’s student at the Higher Institute of Management in Tunis, majoring
in Enterprise Systems Engineering. Shaima is part of Interference as an art mediator. In
parallel to that, she works as a Market Research Analyst at Enda inter-arabe.


« Over the last few years, I have become deeply interested in visual art and cultural activities
in public urban spaces. I developed this interest when I volunteered for the ‘Dream City
Festival’. Then I wanted to direct myself through the next experience in the same ecosystem.
INTERFERENCE offered me a learning experience where my input would be valued. It’s
important for me to work in an evolving environment on a socially relevant project that’s
acting at the intersection of art and cultural activism.
I’m of the opinion that the ‘site-specific’ art has special significance for urban space
recognition and that we do need this tool to get acquainted and flawlessly identify with the
environment we live in. That would definitely revitalize the urban space, provide it with
historical continuity and integrate local communities.
Working within this context will certainly boost my motivation and unlock my potential. »


2020- Present I ISG Tunis I Enterprise Systems Engineering
2017-2020 I ISG Tunis I Business Intelligence 2019 I Soliya Connect Program I
Communicating Across Cultures


Lives in
1998 | Born in



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