Eslem Sebri

Eslem Sebri is a business student and an art enthusiast. Her first experience as an art mediator was during INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS in July 2022 FORMATION 2022 | Tunis Business School BIO Born in Kairouan

Malek Khanteche

Malek Khanteche is sound technician for cinema and audiovisual productions. She is currently learning music theory and piano as she aspires to produce her own music. FORMATION 2020 | ESAD, Tunis BIO 1995 | Born in Tunis Lives in Tunis

Nihed Yahyaoui

EXPERIENCE 2022 | JAOU Photos, Art mediation and production assistant 2022 | INTERFERENCE, Art mediator 2018 | INTERFERENCE, Art mediator FORMATION 2019 | College LaSalle Tunis, Studied IPAO BIO 1999 | Born in Tunis

Shaima Sebri

Shaima Sebri is a fresh Business Intelligence graduate with wide-ranging intellectual curiosities and a keen interest in content writing as well as research. Currently, she’s a master’s student at the Higher Institute of Management in Tunis, majoring in Enterprise Systems Engineering. Shaima is part of Interference as an art mediator. In parallel to that, she […]

Chiraz Bouzgarrou

Originally coming from an economic and financial engineering academic background and currently working as an IT business developer, Chiraz Bouzgarrou first explored the art mediation world during the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM organized by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis. During this experience, she found the missing component to fill the void she used to have, known […]

Yosr Bahri Chaieb

Yosr Bahri Chaieb is an art and literature enthusiast, a dynamic teacher, and a promoter of gender equality and social and individual liberty. She thrives on exchange and teamwork, and she is always eager to discover visual masterpieces. The social activist works as a second language teacher at the Pilot Institute of Education and Training […]

Wissal Boujneh

Choosing the word Passionate to describe herself, Wissal Boujneh says: ” I have so many layers and I love deeply. I love so many things. If you ask me about my opinion, I don’t think this world would survive without art.” Ending her sentence with art word, and starting her first art journey as an […]

Feyrouz Nouri

Feyrouz Nouri is currently a cultural mediation student at the Higher Institute of Animation for Youth and Culture and the general secretary of Tunisia and the South Korea Friendship Association at Sfax. To practice more in her study field, Feyrouz is part of the art mediators with YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project […]

Eslem Ouederni

Eslem Ouederni is a computer science student and works as a coding instructor for women to help them learn new hard skills such as computer and technical skills. Recently joined the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis as an art mediator, Eslem is keen to learn and to meet new friends. Through, […]

Karim Ben Halima

Karim Ben Halima is a business graduate with a master’s degree in finance from the Business School of Sfax. He has a passion for visual arts, filmmaking, and art in public spaces. He works as a freelance photographer and is currently documenting the local cinema festivals he visits as part of a promotion of the […]

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali

Cyrine Bettaleb Ali is a Marketing research student and Marketing manager of an online gallery, making her first steps in curatorial practices. She is based in . She is influenced by the culture of her region and history. This makes Cyrine always look for what is behind the things she says, because she does […]

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