Yassin Agrbi: Artwork

Site: Palais Kheireddine (Garden)

“This place is part of his memory.” Curious to know more about the place that once was a school where his father studied at it, Yassine’s work is exhibited at the outdoor place near Palais Kheireddine. Showing his work in a very special uncommon place in the Medina, the Tunisian-based artist wants to revive the place in his spontaneous way, transform old things with old memories into something magical and make things alive. With very advanced knowledge and experience as an electrician, Yassine used different materials from his own garage in which he gave life to old, used things, like wires, tubes, LEDs, and other electronics, also, combines them with UV light and fluorescent paint. The artist explores the power of light to transform darkness. By showcasing his work, he hopes to inspire others to rediscover their dreams and create new ones. It is about exploring light, speed, and movement to make a dreamy shape that feels real and to live a magical moment with the natural energy, the energy that used to be in that place in the old days.





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