Anne Fie Salverda: Blooming life spectrum

Site: Kishlet El Attarine

As a visual artist, Anne Fie is constantly inspired by nature and its presence around her. In fact, her approach for this work relies mainly on the fact that around 50%-80% of the oxygen production through photosynthesis comes from the ocean. As the sun penetrates the top layer of the water, the plants, plankton, algae, and photosynthetic bacteria that produce oxygen thrive in this environment. This phenomenon has always fascinated her since we consider forests and plants our primary oxygen providers.
Thus, she aimed to focus on the role sunlight plays in these aquatic environments and how it shapes the habitat of these oxygen-producing organisms. Through the medium of animation, Anne Fie studies the interaction of water, light, and life inside these places. As she sails to document its essence, she becomes a wanderer; afloat and stimulated by these underwater worlds.

Anne Fie Salverda. IYMP22. Credit: Anis Hmama
Anne Fie Salverda. IYM22.Credit: Nessma Mabrouki
INTERFERENCE Young Master Tunis 2022. Anne Fie Salverda. Credit: 1. Anis Hmama 2. Nessma Mabrouki



FEATURED IMAGE: Anne Fie Salverda

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