Camila Mejia: Unresting tiles / Geometry Off

Site: Palais Kheireddine

Nothing stays still, even in nature.
“My piece creates a moving mural that combines the architecture of traditional Tunisian ceramic tile wall with the use of a lens. Merging this media allows me to explore hidden and colourful microscopic landscapes of the inner photosynthesis mechanisms. I designed a visual tool that allows me to bridge between analogue and digital media in order to create unique compositions. This work is based on the local traditional tiles that were influenced by an influx of different cultures, ranging from classical Roman to exotic Islamic artisans. I was inspired by the abundance of interlacing geometry and floral shapes within the mosaics and patterns. The idea behind shooting with a microscope was born from a scientific curiosity to understand how humans perceive what is beyond the naked eye. A world that constantly moves and changes, however, it’s only through a special scope that we are capable of perceiving its beauty. Through this work, I want to provide the viewer access to experience shapes, colours, and movements in a new light through my visual art scope.” describes Camila.

Camila Mejia. INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS Tunis 2022. Photo Ouafa Ben Amor
INTERFERENCE Young Master Tunis 2022. Camila Mejia. Credit: 1. Sabra Achour.2. Karim Ben Halima



FEATURED IMAGE: Karim Ben Halima

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