Celica Fitz

Celica Fitz (she/her) is a curator and interdisciplinary researcher in contemporary art and culture. She is interested in the intersections of art and science, processes of meaning-making in contemporary art, and exhibitions.

As an art historian, she is focused on contemporary art as well as museology and the analysis of exhibitions as producers of artistic, curatorial, and scientific knowledge. She also graduated in the study of religion and is interested in how individual worldviews are materialized, reflected, or constructed within modern and contemporary art. She explores this field in practice by curating and theoretically in her interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Museology and Art History at Neuchâtel.ch and in the Study of Religions at Marburg.de, researching concepts of recent spirituality and artistic research and its presentation in exhibitions.

Since 2021, she is part of the curatorial team of .KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ, an international public art project directed by Bettina Pelz. Until 2022, she worked as a research associate and lecturer at University of Marburg organzing conferences, editing academic publications and curating exhibitions online and on site.


2022 | Marburg.de, Curatorial Collective .KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ
2021 | Online, Philipps-University, Liturgy Specific Art: Tizian Baldinger
2019 | Marburg.de, Philipps-University, Institute for Church Architecture and Contemporary Art: Axel Malik
2019 | Erfurt.de, EKD, Kirchbautag
2017 | Wittenberg.de, Summer School Werkstatt Wittenberg
2015-2018 | Marburg.de, Religionskundliche Sammlung, Museum of Religions: SinnRäume


2022 | Tunis.tn, INTERFERENCE International Light Art Festival, Author >
2022 | Leeuwarden.nl, TEXT ME Leeuwarden, Author
2022 | Marburg.de, .KUNST.LABOR.STADT.PLATZ: Gudrun Barenbrock
List of academic publications on contemporary art, material religion and exhibitions >


Since 2022 | Neuchâtel.ch and Marburg.de, Université de Neuchâtel and Philipps-University, Binational Doctoral Student
MA Art History | MA Study of Religion | BA Art History


Lives in Marburg. PhD Student and Researcher in Germany and Switzerland.


linkedin.com: Celica Fitz
researchgate.net: Celica Fitz