Achraf Remok

Achraf Remok is a young curator and writer residing in Rabat, Morocco. He has a BA in Cultural Studies and is pursuing a Masters in Gender Studies. He is also a Diptyk magazine culture journalist and a former cultural mediator and editor at ‘Le Cube’, an independent art space. As a writer, Achraf’s personal book […]

Reem Aljeally

Trained as an Architect, Reem Aljeally is a visual artist, young curator, and designer with a great passion for channeling her talents towards addressing social issues and challenging social change in addition to empowering her fellow artists and enriching the arts scene in Sudan. Working to revive Sudan Local Art Scene, the Sudanese trailblazer created […]

Arij Bouchami

Arij is fascinated by art and human existence regardless of how mysterious they both remain to her. She is a visual arts student at Tunis Institute of Fine Arts (ISBAT) and a cinema enthusiast. Life is her muse with its good, bad, and everything in between. She catches beauty in life’s most mundane monotonous aspects […]

Celica Fitz

Celica Fitz (she/her) is a curator and interdisciplinary researcher in contemporary art and culture. She is interested in the intersections of art and science, processes of meaning-making in contemporary art, and exhibitions. As an art historian, she is focused on contemporary art as well as museology and the analysis of exhibitions as producers of artistic, […]

Sarah-Lea Langner

In her recently graduated studies at the University of the Arts Bremen in the field of “integrated design” she focused on the topics of local infrastructure, creative exchange, as well as related social, economic, ecological, and design issues. As part of her bachelor thesis, she founded the collaborative “InterAktiv” together with Famkje Elgersma, which promotes […]

Yonka Werner

CURATORIAL PRACTICE 2022 |, Philipps-University, Institute for Church Architecture: Liturgy Specific Art, curatorial team Since 2020 |, Philpps-University, Institute for Church Architecture and Contemporary Ecclesiastical Art organzing exhibitions, conferences, workshops FORMATION Since 2020 | Philipps-University, Media and Cultural Practice, Studies 2020 | Philipps-University, Art-Music-Media, BA

Anne van Lierop

Anne van Lierop (they/them) is an art historian, curator, and museum infiltrator based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Their practice involves exploring curatorial possibilities outside of the context of the institution, informed by queer theory and decolonization, and questioning power structures and distribution of wealth in the arts. Anne is one of the founders of the […]

Dhia Dhibi

Dhia Dhibi is a Tunis-based visual artist, art theorist, and curator in training. Originally graduated as a 3D animation movies filmmaker, he expanded his curiosity for art practices by studying art theory master’s, being a fellow curator with TASAWAR curatorial studios 3, and becoming the art mediator at La Boite – Un lieu d’art Contemporain. […]

Farah Sayem

Farah Sayem is a product designer and currently a master’s student in social management and curator in training at TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS. She is particularly interested in investigating the physical and political dimensions of urban space in dialogue with the culture of its inhabitants. For her, curation highlights the power of arts to break down […]

Meriam Gaied

Meriam Gaied (she/her) is an IT engineering student at INSAT and curator in training with TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS based in Tunis (tn). She aspires to find peace and inspiration through art and its impact on the viewers amidst these unusual circumstances. Following the dynamics of one’s being in the environment, she questions the existence through […]

Cyrine Ghrissi

Always thinking to understand and to answer questions linked to us as humans living in this contemporary era. Cyrine Ghrissi focuses on rediscovering and reviving the narratives that had been written by ‘others’ and missed the female statement. Although she has a different academic background, Cyrine Ghrissi has been studying online Contemporary Art, Women in […]

Janet Sebri

Janet Sebri is an artificial Intelligence engineer, a junior curator and project co-coordinator at INTERFERENCE since 2020. She joined the INTERFERENCE community in 2018 where she worked in the Cultural Heritage Studio. In the 2020 edition, Janet has joined the INTERFERENCE curatorial team. CURATORIAL STATEMENT INTERFERENCE introduced me to the opportunity for the experience that […]

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