Haifa Ayadi

Haifa Ayadi is a Tunisian architect with more than 4 years of experience in architecture and design. She is ambitious, dreamy, and full of passion. Interested in the cultural heritage aspect of the light art program and the work behind reviving and showcasing the beauty of the Medina of Tunis, Haifa wanted to be part of the work.

Exhibiting light-based artworks for different national and international emerging young artists in different sites in the Medina of Tunis; Bir Lahjar, Dar Ben Achour, Dar Othman, Dar Errachidia, Kechlet El Attarine, Kechlet El Morjeni, Midhet El Soltane, and Palais Kheireddine, YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis highlights the beauty of sites in a beautiful contemporary artistic approach. Applying for the program, the architect is looking to explore and discover the beauty of Medina.


1993 | Tunis.tn