Yosr Bahri Chaieb

Yosr Bahri Chaieb is an art and literature enthusiast, a dynamic teacher, and a promoter of gender equality and social and individual liberty. She thrives on exchange and teamwork, and she is always eager to discover visual masterpieces. The social activist works as a second language teacher at the Pilot Institute of Education and Training IPFT in Tunis.tn.

Believing in the power of exposure and the importance of mediation, especially for her as a teacher of hybrid groups (gender/sexuality/age/ethnicity-wise), Yosr sees the role of the teacher as similar to the mediator as it helps to create grounds of dialogue, cultural exchange, and self-expression in the safest space possible. To know more about art and the importance of an art mediator to bring discussion and questions regarding the artist and the artwork, Yosr is enrolled in the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art project Tunis.


1998 | Tunis.tn



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