Hassan Khatib

Hassan Khatib is a Palestinian – Lebanese who represents himself as a little bit of everything. In parallel to his Computer Science studies at the Lebanese International University, Hassan is taking part as an arts & culture projects coordinator and exhibition curator. In coordination with his friends in Lebanon, Hassan has created the Sanadak initiative and is currently working on a cultural project called Diwan Qabas.

Showing and practicing his deep interest in art and cultural exchange, Hassan joined the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis to understand more about Tunisia’s Local Art Scene and to build a bridge between the two countries. Meeting and exchanging with all YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM’s team, Hassan appreciates the cultural exchange and the diversity of the art mediators. Although he is based in Lebanon, Hassan is expanding his artistic expertise through the online art mediation workshops, building expertise in the interdisciplinary arts, and expanding his knowledge in the art in public space and light art.


2002 | Abu Dhabi.uae


instagram.com: Hassan Khatib