Khadouja Tamzini

Khadouja Tamzini is a Tunisian geomatic student that best describes herself as being “full of life”, a life lover, creative, ready for new experiences, and always going beyond the fear of the unknown. She has always been attracted to the artistic field in all its forms. Five years ago she wanted to explore one of its aspects through her guitar learning and it was clear evidence that she always belonged to arts. This was even more revealed when she started painting several months ago and freed her words through the brush.

Khadouja thinks that geology is not dissociated from the artistic field because, by taking a closer look, nature has always been an inspiration to all, in its disposition and that’s why today she is exploring other horizons. Joining YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis as an art mediator and an artist accomplice, Khadouja believes that the program is an opportunity to explore more the artist who is in her in order to discover new horizons. She is confident that this journey will help her to solve new enigmas of life in all its artistic aspects.


2002 | Tunis.Tn

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