Mohamed Mezghani

Tunis-based visual artist Mo Mezghani was entangled in the digital visual realm the moment he made his first contact with it. Mo’s visual art practice revolves around digital art and video processing. He takes special interest in 2D texture ambient designs, which are in principle immortalizations of momentary perceptions in the form of single frames that incite singular and unique reactions within each viewer.

Mo’s most notable artistic endeavors consist of an audio-visual live performance in B7L9’s exhibition “Building Blocks”, two independent group exhibitions under the names “the further you throw it, the nearer it gets” and “EXHIB-SAAD” alongside a personal subproject under the pseudonym “intrinsic” which focuses on digital experimentation in the form of documented artworks collections.

Despite the fact that he has already had artistic experiences in public environments, YMP experience will bring him novelty since he has never tried developing installations requiring scenographic reflection.

Mo sees the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM as a potentially good environment to achieve his expectations regarding a project that he has been contemplating for quite some time.

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