Ouafa Ben Amor

Ouafa Ben Amor is a Tunisian creative designer and digital marketing strategist. with over 14 years of experience in media, graphic design, interiors, and product design, the talented Ouafa Ben Amor started her studies at the Institute of Press and then moved to the School of Science and Design technologies in Tunis ( ESSTED) and later she had a master’s degree in Art and communication Technologies in 2008. She presented her thesis about seeing Tunisia through light and color and she dove into the digital painting using light. She is an active member of the Tunisia photo art Association and had a deep relationship with photography. Besides, She is the founder of the critical mass cycling movement.

She held the positions of communication specialist and designer in several entities both locally and abroad like the festival of Hammamet, JCC in Montreal, and VTS Verein der Tunesier in Stuttgart. She had a broad artistic experience and social engagement history. She joined the YOUNG MASTER’s PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis as an art mediator and artist accomplice to expand her knowledge about light art projects.




linkedIn: Ouafa Ben Amor
IG: Ouafa Ben Amor

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