Oussama Hrizi

Oussama Hrizi is an ambitious young visual artist, he’s a sailor in the sea of visual arts and loves to venture into its islands on a journey of self-discovery. He started studying at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Nabeul in 2021 and will be doing painting as a major next year.

Experiencing art mediation as a beginner both in different cultural-historical sites with the light art public space event and at the urban and contemporary art center 32Bis, the young sailor is starting his journey and looking for other opportunities. Joining the art mediation program in which Oussama will learn about art mediation technics and practices, Oussama believes that the YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM by INTERFERENCE Light Art Project Tunis is the door to the art world in Tunisia.


1998 | Tunis.tn


instagram.com: Oussama Hrizi

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