Rahma Jmaiel

Rahma Jmaiel is a Chinese literature and civilization student, initiating her journey in curatorial studies with TASAWAR Curatorial Studios. In 2021 she joined the INTERFERENCE community where she worked as an art mediator and artist assistant in the INTERFERENCE light art festival.

During the last couple of years, Rahma had multiple interactions with artists in their process of testing and during the exhibition which made her more interested in curatorial practices.


2022 | Tunis.tn | LE32BIS: Art Mediator
2021 | Tunis.tn | Kitab Lab: Art Mediator
2021 | Tunis.tn | Dream City: Artist Assistant
2021 | Tunis.tn | INTERFERENCE Light Art Project: Artist Assistant & Art Mediator
2019 | Tunis.tn | Dream City: Ticketing Manager


2021– ongoing | Tunis.tn | TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS: Fellow
2020 – ongoing | Tunis.tn | Chinese literature and Civilisation BA


Lives in Tunis.tn
2000 | Born in Tunis.tn

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