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“The universe is my favorite playground”

Emna Essoussi on Effet-mère. Published on July 4, 2022.

Tunis, June 4 around 11:00
49°C was displaying the thermoter of the cab on my way to meet Effet mère.
She welcomed me with a bottle of ice water and we talked for three hours about her work and her fascinating world. 
I was deeply moved by her energy and the exceptional fusion of sensitivity and intelligence in her gaze.
This essay is a subjective translation of our exchange and of the few documents and links she shared with me 

Effet Mère is a vibrant multidisciplinary artist with a passionate and an atypical career. She’s exploring multiple design and artistic mediums and making every experience a new adventure.

Passionate by 3D, motion design and coding, Effet Mère is a generative and interactive Artist, shaping through her work a world of new possibilities.

Graduated with a degree in Interior Design from the Tunis School of Fine Arts, she got quickly disappointed by the lack of « wackiness » of the professional world in this field. There was not a place for her playful mind.

Following her own path, Effet Mère invested in herself, she painted, embroidered, and has an experience as an independent tattoo artist.

Effet Mère created later her own global design company KALAI, a social and inclusive company and a registered trademark in Florida USA. At the same time, she has held several positions in the communication field. She has, among other things, led the communication of the political party “Hezb El ” – a green movement in Tunisia that advocates an inclusive policy. She recently, participated in the communication of STAMENA festival, which promotes the Rapping Artists of the MENA Region and will be part of the KAOST Summer TOUR 2022 as an interactive designer creating filters and posters.


Effet Mère likes to take on new challenges, to play with and challenge her own limits and abilities. So, she started to explore the video realm. She got interested in coding and created her own algorithms. The visuals started to move according to the paths that she imagined.  And that is how her journey as a generative and an interactive artist started. Effet Mère played at the BSMNT club as a VJ for 1-month straight, participated in WABI Chapter III Festival, played at Fabrika Festival Showcase. For the moment, she is an Interactive Designer at “Chez Nelly – Global Design Studio”.

She also recently created a science fiction glass for a movie by Rami Jarboui.

Dreaming about new futures, she is lunching her own Start Up in Interactive product design. The first project is Phenicia.  Phenicia is a Metaverse, conceived with the complicity of a passionate team, Effet Mère is recreating the map world according to historical hilarious scenarios.

She is curious about the numbers in the nature. “The universe is my favorite playground” said Effet Mère about her recent experience with the JMC – Journées Musicales de Carthage – where she mapped the NASA stars Data and the result was displayed on the walls of Bir Lahjar in the medina of Tunis.



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